My interest in creating quirky dream-worlds extends back to my own childhood where I learned to imagine as much as possible due to the lack of creativities around me. I spend a lot of time hunting down my idea from silly and humorous little things that happen in everyday life then I would conceptually twist them by changing or switching the role of the situation. I care for and enjoy writing short stories about animals and nature because they are fascinating in their variety and how different they can be from humans, they tell me stories. Furthermore, animals inspire me to design interesting characters as they posses shapes and forms that are so strange yet magical. Expressing the feelings within each illustration is very important aspect of my work, and to do that every illustration I made need to exist in its own dimension where the characters breath, walk, laugh, cry or even speak the same language as us. 

June – August 2017 The Interchurch Center: The Wondrous World Of Children’s Book Illustrator Gallery Show